Why use a broker?

Why use a broker?

Proper insurance coverage for strata titled buildings is not only desirable, it’s often required by relevant state or territory legislation. Strata unit owners and body corporate committees often assume that the correct insurance is in place, but is it?

As a broker we can help manage your insurance risk, and this is how…..

  1. Every strata building is different and the risks associated with the scheme need to be addressed. We ask the questions that help highlight any potential building issues, and use that information to find an insurance company and product that’s suitable to your needs.
  2. Insurance policies for strata titled properties can vary dramatically, however by using a broker, you get wider access to companies that don’t deal direct. This can mean broader policies, better premiums and excess options.
  3. A broker works for their client, we are not agents of ANY insurance company or underwriting agency, so our recommendations are independent. These recommendations can save committee’s time and money.
  4. We understand the Body Corporate & Community Management Act, as we specialise in strata titled property. We can provide the necessary insurance advice to make sure your scheme complies.
  5. And lastly, when it comes time to make a claim, we’re here by your side throughout the whole process. We can assist with general claims advice, lodgement, dealing with loss adjusters/assessors, and making sure the insurer pays the entitled amount as per the contract.

So if you’re interested in getting a risk assessment from one of our qualified and experienced strata insurance advisers, call us today on (07) 3866 5444.

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